How is the Lambda Chart?

When we look at the Lambda Price Chart, we see that today the price of Lambda Coin is $0,03221117 and that means a 15.8% increase in the last 24 hours. The volume of Lambda Coin trade in the last 24 hours is measured as  $59.866.838. Lambda Coin has a circulating supply of 1.416 billion and 6 billion maximum coin supply at most. The biggest currency market for Lambda Coin is market. Today the market of Lambda value is $45.237.293. Some of the other markets that include Lambda exchanges are: Bithumb, Bittrex, Huobi and MXC.

What is Lambda Coin?

Briefly we can define Lambda as a cryptocurrency project which aims to establish a decentralized app having the features of unlimited data storage, safe data protection, PDP and serving as multi-chain or cross-chain data storage capability. The token platform for Lambda currency is Ethereum. Some of the big supporters of Lambda Coin project are: Zhen Fund, FBG Capital, Bluehill, Bitmain, Sparkling Capital and Metropolis Capital. Storage miners, retrieval miners and validators take their places in the market to get the Lambda Coin stronger in other markets all over the world.

Some Statistics and Backgroun of Lambda

When we examine the charts we face a correlation at 0.54 between Lambda Coin and BTC. The concentration of the large holders is 98.3%. Lambda transactions have never gone above $100k so far. The biggest partners and customers of Lambda Coin project are Bitmax, DATA, Perlin and IOST. Lambda Network finds the solution for decentralized data infrastructure by establishing safe data storage, strong checking capability of data integrity and secure verification at transactions. The vision of Lambda Network is demonstrated as high reliability at the system, high security at encryption and high performance at blockchain world. Being tight to the rules may get Lambda value stronger in the cryptocurrency market.